Sunday, 17 June 2012

A Carnival of Cultures

Every year in early summer, Berlin holds its "Carnival of Cultures", a parade where the many ethnic groups residing in Berlin can showcase their cultural talents. So you have everything from African and South American to Japanese and Indian folk groups and dancers - including not a few German housewives showing off their talents at samba dancing ;) . The results are mixed, not every group is a hot act, even if most of the participating dancers and musicians make up in enthusiasm for what they lack in talent... but overall the carnival is fun to watch... and it is fun to watch the watchers. 

I took one of my Holgas to this year's parade, and shot several films, both of the participants and of the onlookers. I shot both in color and in black & white, and used an inlay to get 16 exposures rather than the normal 12, which is why this time the photos are rectangular rather than square. 

Click here to view and enjoy!